List all public domains and subdomains on and their upload count, sorted by domain priority -> upload count.

Resource URL

GET /api?action=domains




      "domain": "",
      "upload_count": 452,
      "public": true,
      "img_views": 1604
      "domain": "",
      "upload_count": 420,
      "public": true,
      "img_views": 560
      "domain": "",
      "upload_count": 297,
      "public": true,
      "img_views": 394

Response JSON Params

Parameter Type Description
(root) JSONArray An array of all of the registered domains on
(root) > domain String A domain name.
(root) > upload_count Integer Amount of images uploaded to a domain in the domains list.
(root) > public Boolean Whether a domain in the list requires a toke to upload to.
(root) > img_views Integer The collective amount of views all images uploaded to a domain in the list got.

Resource Information

Rate Limit None
Response Format JSON
Authentication None